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Women's Clothing Trends

Women's Clothing Trends

With the summer fading fast and cooler breezes starting to pick up, it is good to know the shops are full once more with an enticing array of knitwear, statement coats and all-important layered pieces. This year`s Autumn/Winter trends for women are a warming cocktail of faux-furs, sheath dresses and chunky weekend wear, with a splash of colour from rich reds to prints inspired by the past. Find out below what will be the key looks to wear this season.

Of course, it is at this time of year when shopping becomes about preparation and there is no better way to prepare for the weather to come than outerwear like a sturdy winter coat. Fortunately you will be spoilt for choice, whether you favour the bell, mantle or trapezium silhouettes. A staple returns in the form of the trench-coat which can be a timeless classic or have a military bent, depending on your fancy. There is a prevalence for mid-length coats worn to at least the knee and a drape style without buttons or to be worn with a belt. Materials in fashion range from leathers to tweed.

As expected, there are a good few revival trends out there this winter; Gothic makes a big comeback with fashions following the current love for all things dark and fairytale. Think off-the-shoulder necklines versus high collars and neckties, sumptuous fabrics in shadow colours of black, midnight blue and charcoal. Baroque drama is also to be found in the wallpaper-esque patterns and ornate detailing on the catwalk for autumn. Gilding, lace and heavy brocade are coming into play with the courts of the 17th and 18th centuries inspiring the most lavish retaliations against minimalism.

One of the key colours this season is red. Shades of scarlet, crimson and coral are all making a splash, whether in sweeping skirts or fitted jackets and fabrics such as leather and velvet. Be wary when pairing statement colours with strong materials like leather as this can create a striking but hard-edged look. There are many more subtle tones which are being used this time around, such as those inspired by natural fruits like tomato, strawberry and watermelon. Richer colours like ruby and maroon are also very on trend and bear compliment to the colder weather and darker evenings.

If you are hesitating on how to wear any of the trends featured on the catwalks, it is only as simple as introducing a little colour, texture or design into your wardrobe. Sneak in a touch of overblown Baroque with a jewelled headband or tapestry handbag, wear a princess-style top with your favourite skinny jeans or pair some ruby heels with a monochrome outfit. Whatever you come up with, this season is about confidence and conviction, so remember to enjoy it.

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