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Why use a Tailor?

Why use a Tailor?

Turn back the clock a hundred years or so ago and the tailor was key to any fashionable gentleman`s wardrobe. Fast forward to the twenty first century and the high street retailer is providing almost everything we could possibly need in as many styles, colours and sizes as we can imagine. However, all over the country highly skilled tailors still go about the business of creating bespoke clothing of all kinds. In this age of the instant fix where we can shop around the clock for anything, why should you choose to go to a tailor?

People Are Not Mass Produced

Clothing manufacturers and high street retailers would have us believe we should all conform to one of a small number of fixed sizes. We all know that is not the case. From longer than average legs, to a thick neck or bulky biceps, most of us struggle to find the perfect fit off the peg. In general we settle for a comfortable fit rather than a perfect fit. A tailor will spend the time to take over forty measurements to ensure the ideal fit.

Quality Over Quantity

Your tailor will be able to offer a selection of luxury fabrics that you may not find easily in other stores. It is likely they will have spent many years learning their trade and the construction of your garment will be of undeniable quality.

One Of A Kind

If you have an individual style, choosing a tailor offers the ultimate in unique clothing. You will be able to personalise every aspect of your outfit and you can be sure that nobody will have the same. It may be that you have a once in a lifetime occasion coming up and want a unique and well made suit. What could be more special than your wedding day? If you have spent months making sure every detail is perfect for you, why settle for a mass produced suit? Having a suit created by hand by a qualified tailor is guaranteed to make you feel at your best on the day.

Once you have decided to take the step of working with a tailor to create your ideal suit, you need to select one. You could find one locally or you are now able to find tailors that will offer home service. If there is one thing more bespoke than having a suit made by hand for you, that is being able to do it all from your own home or office.

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