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What Are Teen Boys Wearing?

What Are Teen Boys Wearing?

Sometimes guys in their teens just cannot, or will not, get their act together when it comes to clothes. They either look as if they are trying too hard and end up looking like their dads, or they just give up completely and end up with a mish-mash of styles that does not do them any favours and certainly will not turn any heads.

Finding a happy balance between looking presentable and still with fashion dictates need not be an almighty pain in the neck. Fashion these days allows enough wiggle room for individual styles to shine through in what can otherwise start looking like an outfit out of a teen fashion bible. Here are a few tips to get you on track, keep you stylish and get you noticed for all the right reasons.

Dressing it Up

When you just can`t get out of that formal engagement and need something a bit more structured than your scruffy weekend wear, it doesn`t mean you have to sacrifice style. Even suits look great when you wear them in the right way. Choose a white shirt for a crisp, clean look, but try leaving off the jacket. Wear just the waistcoat and a tie for a smart look that does not appear overdone.

For the whole suit look, go for something like the Beatles, with drainpipe trousers and a narrow tie.

If you don`t want to go the whole hog with a coordinating suit, wear a different jacket (say grey) over smart black trousers and swap the shirt for a polo neck sweater.

Braces look good too, worn over a smart shirt, without the jacket. There are lots of different ways to wear formal clothes that will not make you feel too dressed up.

Dressing it Down

Swap the tatty old sweatshirt for a cardigan. All kinds of cardigans are appearing in men`s fashion, from plain knits to fancy cables and they make a refreshing change from the fleecy or jersey cover-ups on chilly days.

However, for standard, everyday wear, you still can`t beat a plain white t-shirt over jeans. Add a little logo or print if you really cannot stand the thought of something just plain white, but otherwise follow the simple look of round neck and short sleeves. Quality, well-made t-shirts hang and fit just right, giving the right balance between wholesome and casual. Just make sure it is clean and fresh. Nothing ruins a look quicker than clothes that are supposed to be white looking grey or dingy cream-coloured.

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