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Top 10 Women's Fashion Trends This Summer

Top 10 Women's Fashion Trends This Summer

Fashion trends change with the seasons and now with summer fast approaching, you might be wondering what big changes are expected this season. From colors to fabric and patterns, the top trends in women`s summer clothing run the gambit.

Black and White

Monochrome is coming back in a big way this summer. Dresses, purses and even sandals are popping up in black and white patterns all over the runways. Many famous designers, including Marc Jacobs and Gucci, used the monochromatic color pattern in their summer fashion shows this year.


Geometric flowers, usually only done in one color or as an outline, are also expected to be big in women`s summer clothing and accessories this year. Both the House of Dior and Louis Vuitton showcased geometric flowers in their summer shows, particularly on office-style clothes and summer dresses.


Bright blues, such as aqua and cobalt, are in for the summer. Bold blue accessories, such as clutch purses and vivid blue sandals are making an appearance all over the summer design shows.


Prints have been making a comeback in general in the fashion world, with bold and clever prints taking center stage in many summer lines. Unlike the patterns of old, these summer patterns are designed to blend and catch the eye without overwhelming the entire outfit.


Fringe has been popping up all over the place in the last year, but with summer clothing, the trend seems to be long and loose fringe accents. Earrings, purses and outer layer pieces, such as cover-ups, are popular fringe pieces.


Geometric designs, such as lined dresses and blocked tops, are a hot trend in summer clothes for women. Many swimsuits are appearing with geometric designs designed to flatter the wearer, including creations from Dolce and Gabbana and Moschino.


Every once in a while, a certain decade`s looks make a comeback, with the 1960s making huge waves in summer clothing for women this year. The signature look appears to be the 1960`s super graphic, bold patterns incorporating the modern art of the time period.


Nautical patterns, from navy and white to anchor prints and other marine looks, are expected to be big this summer. Look for "sailor" swimsuit styles, fun hats and nautical-inspired purses and earrings. Nautical-themed clothing often uses blue and white monochromatic prints and lines.


Contrasting colors and fabrics are a hit summer trend, especially in dresses and layering pieces. Since these bold mixes may not work for everyone, make sure you try contrasting pieces on before you buy.

1990s Grunge

The grunge music scene of the 1990s favored distressed denim and biker jackets and we are seeing some of these pieces making their way into the summer shows, particularly with Tartan patterns from Marc Jacobs.

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