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Being Good at Being Bad: Doing Sexy Right for Halloween

Being Good at Being Bad: Doing Sexy Right for Halloween

Halloween fashion is no-doubt sexy, but there is a right and wrong way to attempt it. On a holiday synonymous with all that's bad, this celebration focused on the deceased and creatures of the night has become an event where the ladies of the night play an equal role. Things have changed since childhood and this holiday is the perfect excuse to shake off the norm of your daily life by stepping into something sexy.

Get It Right, Get It Tight

Sexy doesn’t have to be skin baring. What is left up the imagination is just as powerful as what is exposed. Consider a full-body outfit that accentuates the curves. With the release of another Batman movie, Catwoman costumes will be a popular and make for a great sexy yet mysterious fashion look. If Catwoman is a little too mainstream go with another superhero-themed suit either full body or shorts like Wonder Woman, Storm or Captain America. The key to pulling this off is in the fabric. Spandex suits are sexy but there is no hiding in them! Leather-inspired fabrics give more form while maintaining sexiness!

Classics Fantasies

The innocent school girl, the hot nurse and the sexy bunny are the "little black dresses" of the sexy Halloween costume world. Timeless and nearly impossible not to look good in, all of these looks offer the opportunity for minor revisions that can be tailored to flatter pettit to plus size Halloween costumes that match any unique fashion.

For example, the hot cop can be done via short-shorts, skirt, dress or body suit, and accessorized with boots or heels, aviators and handcuffs. The nostalgic Playboy Bunny can be done cute with pink, sexy with red smoky eyes or edgy like a ruined hipster dazzler with fishnets or black. Just because these looks are classic doesn't mean they can't be creative and completely original.

Acquiring the Assets

Not everyone has the same assets working for them, but as said earlier, Halloween is the one time of year to show off what you're mamma gave ya. Although it may be exciting the classic fashion rule of thumb of accentuating one asset only still remains. Rather it be derriere, bust, legs or midriff it's best to pick the one that feels the most comfortable and own it. Confidence is the sexiest asset of all!

For ladies looking to bust out this Halloween, anything low-cut goes. An unbuttoned blouse of a seductive office woman or a body suit of a race car driver inspired look with a plunging neckline are classic ways to accentuate the chest. When choosing the midriff a great costume is a classic gypsy with balloon pants or wrap-style skirt with a shoulder less peasant shirt that bares the midsection.

Remember Jessica Simpson's remake of "These Boots are Made for Walkin?" She worked those daisy dukes like it was her own idea and for ladies with a little something extra happening in the rear, the country-cowgirl look with cut-off short-shorts is a great way to show that off. Shorts and Short-skirts with heels are always a perfect combination for elongating the legs.

While it's fun to get a little naughty on Halloween the sexiest thing a lady can do is have fun! If you want to really set yourself apart from the crowd be confident and go out with only one expectation--to live the night as fully as you can.

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