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Total Hits: 1944 | Hits Today: 1 Madame Le Goth is a Vamp; although some say Vampire, a lover of things dark and macabre.

She resides in a lonely Crypt in the ghostly Cemetery on the edge of Town with her little cat, Creepy, and her beloved vampire bat Vincent.

It’s dark and eerie down in the Crypt; a scene of many, many deaths. At night, when the only sound is the wailing wind, you can sometimes hear the tormented cries of lost souls, trapped there for all eternity.

And it is deep in this Crypt that The Madame weaves her magic and creates the most beautifully twisted designs imaginable. Designs which bring to life the unfortunate tortured souls who dwell forever in this dark and foreboding place.

And each design has it’s own deathly story to tell……..

Based in the North of England, just to the west of the Lake District, Madame Le Goth has many years experience in the alternative fashion world; having worked with some of the world's top alternative models, and designing costumes for movies, performance, and theatre. Her imagination is dark and quirky, which can be seen in everything she creates....
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