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Choosing a Skirt to Match your Body Shape and Style

Choosing a Skirt to Match your Body Shape and Style

Skirts are great to wear during all seasons. You can pair them with tights in cold weather or wear them to showcase your bare legs in the summertime. You may have concerns about skirts being unflattering to your body, but the good news is that if you choose the right style for your build, you can effortlessly pull off wearing beautiful skirts from your favorite designers. Use this guide to determine which types of skirts are best suited to your figure.

Hourglass Figures

Hourglass figures are characterized by a small waistline, ample bustline and round hips. Women with shapely legs can wear miniskirts to accentuate an hourglass build. Other options include pencil skirts, belted skirts with a tucked-in blouse and A-line skirts. Avoid skirts that fit snugly against the hips.

Full Figures

If you are full-figured with ample curves, you will want to avoid baggy skirts, pleated skirts or drawstring-waisted skirts. Instead, opt for tailored skirts and A-line skirts that fall right at knee length. Full-figured women look best in solid colored and vertical stripe patterned skirts but should not wear skirts with busy patterns or embellishments.

Pear-shaped Figures

Pear-shaped women have a small upper build and a wider lower build. The best skirts for this body type are those that downplay your legs and posterior. Make the most of your pear shape with slightly flared skirts, pencil skirts, low-waisted skirts and textured skirts. Dark colors are also ideal for pear-shaped women.

Athletic Figures

Broad-shouldered, athletic frames are well suited to several types of skirts. If you are looking to flatter your muscular build, then choose flared, A-line or wraparound skirts. These cuts provide "balance" to your frame if your shoulders and arms are particularly wide.

Straight Figures

Women who have a straight body frame should choose skirts that elongate the torso and create the illusion of curves. Examples of skirt styles that work well for straight figures include miniskirts, slightly tapered skirts and skirts with wide waistbands. Patterned skirts designed with light colors are also recommended for adding curves.

Tall Figures

If you are tall and wish to divert attention away from your height, choose long, full maxi skirts or skirts that fall below the knee. You can still wear miniskirts to show off your long legs if you choose. Follow the guidelines above that apply to your specific shape when choosing a skirt style. For instance, choose an A-line skirt if you`re full-figured or a tiered skirt if you`re thin.

Petite Figures

Petite women can achieve the illusion of extra height with skirts that fall above the knee; calf-length skirts are not a good option. Try a solid colored, stretchy pencil skirt if you`re small in height but fuller in figure. Women who are both petite and small-framed look best in brightly printed miniskirts and ruffled skirts.

No matter how you are built, you can easily find fashionable skirts that play to your body`s strengths while providing a comfortable fit. Shopping for skirts at online stores is a convenient method for locating various designs and styles that suit your body type. Checkout the selection of online womens wear shops listed in our directory, and browse through the selections of skirts that best fit your body type.

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